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A Joint NSF I/UCRC between the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL and Columbia University, New York, NY

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  • Greener Surfactants: Structure/Property/Performance Relationships (Jun Wu)
  • Chemical Fate of Reagents - Assessing the Decomposition Behavior under Various Conditions (Yang Shen)
  • Hydrodynamics of particle laden flows: Physics of froth and foams (Subhabrata Das)
  • Rational Design of Aqueous Interfaces of Earth Abundant and Nontoxic Transition Metal Sulfides Catalysts (Irina Chernyshova)
  • Role of Benign Protein Films in Imparting Robust Oil Dispersion Properties (Partha Patra)
  • Enzyme Immobilization on Nano- and Nanoporous Materials for Enhanced Catalytic Performance (Lin Tang)
  • Two-step Change of ESR Probe Mobility with a Single pH Signal (Haruhiko Doi)

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