Center for Particulate & Surfactant Systems (CPaSS)

A Joint NSF I/UCRC between the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL and Columbia University, New York, NY

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Research Program

CPaSS faculty, staff and students are currently conducting, or plan to undertake, research projects in the following areas that have been identified by the Center researchers and industry partners.

  • Cosmetics and Health care Products
  • Targeted drug delivery systems
  • Cohesive Powder Flow
  • Dispersion of Soft and Hard Solids
  • Advanced Particulate/Mineral Separations
  • Filtration and Dewatering of Fines
  • Waste Minimization, Reuse, and Remediation
  • Toxicity of Nanostructures/Nanoparticles
  • Surfactant Structures at Interfaces
  • Green Surfactants and Sustainability
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